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We found a company that cared


Whether you’re selling land or putting down roots, Warwickshire based Rosconn Group are just what you’re looking for

The prospect of a new development in any community will always be greeted with mixed emotions by the existing population.

Residents are rightly concerned about how the changes will affect them. Whether that means; new neighbours, disruption, demands on local amenities or changes to the landscape.

The reality is that there is a housing shortage and new houses will continue to be necessary, potentially in increasing numbers. But does that mean communities must just accept their fate and passively observe the change around them? We don’t think so.

At Rosconn we believe there is a different type of relationship to be developed between property developers and local communities. If we, as a developer, have the support of a community we can develop a constructive dialogue and framework to ensure our plans take into account the needs of everybody.

The premise of our business is to create value for everybody.

Build properties that respect the existing aesthetics and architecture.

Our towns and villages have developed an identity over centuries. As the people building and living in them now, we are custodians that must preserve their unique character and identities for future generations.

Build properties that increase the overall value of the local market.

It’s true that an abundance of new, low quality housing can bring down the value of neighbouring properties and so it is also true that more valuable housing can increase neighbouring values.

In developing high quality luxury housing we increase value to both the landowner and neighbouring landowners.

“Enhance Community Life.

As a property developer we have a responsibility to ensure that new homebuyers are warmly welcomed into new communities. A home is more than a house. It’s also the people and environment around you. We listen closely to the needs of the established community to ensure that we don’t put unfair strains on local resources or reduce the quality of local life. We want our buyers to be welcomed with open arms.

To us, planning is not about wranglings with local communities. It’s about respect, consideration and very careful thinking.