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Whether you’re selling land or putting down roots, Warwickshire based Rosconn Group are just what you’re looking for

About Rosconn

It’s hard to put into words how lucky I am to have built this great team. I set out with a vision to do things differently, better, but in truth with no real idea if that was a viable business model for a property developer.

I worked in and around the industry before I set out on the Rosconn journey, and I saw that for many, perhaps all, it’s just a numbers game. Some you win, some you lose and if you keep your investment low enough, you win.

To me that wasn’t enough. I believed that as a residential developer I had a responsibility to create value for everybody and leave a positive footprint wherever I tread.

I didn’t like the way communities were treated, or the combative relationship between residential developer and local residents. I could see how their interests could be mutually beneficial.

I didn’t like the low quality, ill conceived housing that carries a superficial aesthetic designed to sell at an artificially high premium with no regard for the lasting value of that asset.

I didn’t like the games played, and false promises made to landowners who would be tossed aside the moment problems arose with planning.

It seemed so obvious to me that there ought to be a better way to create value for everybody, but if I’m honest I set out on this journey not knowing if I’d ever get there.

I am so incredibly proud of the quality of our planning applications and of the homes that we are associated with today. It proves that with hard work and tenacity potentially unachievable goals to many can be achieved by Rosconn.

This section wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to Rosconn’s Operations Director, Nick Carr. Nick started with the company as a graduate and has risen through the ranks, now revered within the industry a consummate professional with an exceptional eye for detail.

It is a privilege to lead an internal team of highly skilled and motivated folks at Rosconn’s headquarters but also the external consultants that have made the Rosconn journey so much fun when delivering earth shattering results.

Today we are so proud that people want to come and be part of the Rosconn family and share our beliefs and values

That’s where we are today. Thriving, excited, satisfied and making a positive impact in numerous developments in Warwickshire and beyond.

I suppose the truth is that I don’t need to put into words how great this team has been. It’s already there in every house we create.

Daniel O'Donnell
Managing Director